The Curve

The Curve offers innovative freshly cooked food serving a variety of hot and cold food from around the world to "eat in" or "take-away".

The Deli Counter serves a range of "food of the world" items and snacks, the Eatery offers a range of hot foods and the Cafe Bar serves Starbucks Fairtrade coffee, sandwiches, home made cakes and desserts.


Each month our chefs in the Curve create dishes containing the 'seasonal vegetable' of the month. Below you will find interesting fact sheets on the seasonal ingredients as well as recipes inspired by the ingredients that you can try at home!

To download the fact sheets on these vegetables, please use the links below:


Seasonal ingredient Recipe
Eat Broad Beans [PDF 672KB] Broad bean and ricotta tagliatelle
Eat Peaches [PDF 1,300KB] Georgia peach cobbler


Seasonal ingredient Recipe
Eat Blackberries [PDF 167KB] Apple and blackberry frangipane crumble
Eat Butternut Squash [PDF 4,056KB] Spicy butterbean, chickpea and butternut squash stew


Seasonal ingredient Recipe
Eat Kale [PDF 472KB] Pepper, spinach and coconut curry with crispy kale
Eat Artichoke [PDF 815KB] Rabbit, artichoke and rosemary paella


Seasonal ingredient Recipe
Eat Beetroot [PDF 4,430KB] Beetroot and lentil burgers
Eat Pears [PDF 1,471KB] Boozy pear trifles


Seasonal ingredient  Recipe
Eat Brussels Sprouts [PDF 155KB]  Brussels sprouts with bacon, leek and caraway
Eat Chestnuts [PDF 652KB]  Chestnut and pumpkin pie with meringue


Seasonal ingredient  Recipe
Eat Celeriac [PDF 1,574KB]  Celeriac, pancetta and hazelnut soup
Eat Rhubarb [PDF 132KB]  Rhubarb and custard tart


Seasonal ingredient  Recipe
Eat Main Crop Potatoes [PDF 214KB]  Chips with spiced salt and smoked garlic mayo
Eat Pomegranate [PDF 153KB]  Feta and pomegranate salad


Seasonal ingredient Recipe
Eat Apples [PDF 431KB] Baked apples with Calvados glaze
Eat Leeks [PDF 537KB] Leek vinaigrette with eggs


Seasonal ingredient Recipe
Eat Jersey Royal New Potatoes [PDF 215KB] Sauteed Jersey Royals with black pudding and fried egg
Eat Purple Sprouting Broccoli [PDF 587KB] Purple sprouting broccoli gratin


Seasonal ingredient Recipe
Eat Asparagus [PDF 513KB] Asparagus crespelle
Eat Runner Beans [PDF 131KB] Gujarati-style runner beans with spiced chicken skewers


Seasonal ingredient Recipe
Eat Gooseberries [PDF 221KB] Elderflower fool with poached gooseberries
Eat Strawberries [PDF 439KB] Strawberry shortcakes


Seasonal ingredient Recipe
Eat Aubergine [PDF 137KB] Roast aubergine salad with chickpeas and tamarind
Eat Raspberries [PDF 1,106KB] Raspberry and thyme custard tart